Officer Down – Deputy Sheriff Curtis Bartlett

Words cannot begin to describe how we feel about the tragic death of Carroll County (VA) Sheriff’s Office Deputy Curtis Bartlett.  Curtis Bartlett was killed in a crash March 9th while en route to assist other deputies who were pursuing a vehicle. I first came into...

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Thin Blue Line Flag Cigar Humidor

One of our most popular cigar humidors is our Thin Blue Line distressed flag design.  We wanted to make a Thin Blue Line Flag that was different than all the other flags out there.  The design is printed on self-sticking vinyl and then attached to the lid of the cigar...

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Firearms Proficiency Poster

This is a Police Training Poster designed to stress the importance of firearms proficiency and training. Firearms proficiency can be the difference between life and death for a Police Officer so it is of the utmost importance to train often.  This poster was designed...

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Correctional Officer Poster “The Struggle”

We are excited to offer for sale a really awesome Correctional Officer Poster titled "The Struggle."  The image was shot by a professional photographer who set up an amazing scene that looks realistic and authentic. The scene depicts a prison inmate struggling with...

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DEA Poster

Here is a look at a large DEA poster as it came off the printer. This one was for a DEA customer.  This poster is 36x36 which is very big in terms of posters.  Our printer is a high end Canon wide-format printer designed specifically to work with Photoshop.  The...

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Police Department Murals

Is your agency in the need of a Mural?  Julie Robertson is a very talented artist who will come to your agency and produce a one of a kind mural.  For more information visit her site by clicking...

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Real Wives of the Thin Blue Line T-Shirts

Here is a new product line that we are excited about.  It's for all of the Police Wives out there and it's called "The Real Wives of the Thin Blue Line".  The shirts are available on Amazon by clicking here and also on this site by clicking here. [gallery...

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Police Life Insignia

Here is the official Police Life Insignia that consists of an American Bald Eagle holding a Thin Blue Line Ribbon in it's beak.  The eagle is a holding a USA Shield in it's talons.  The Thin Blue Line Ribbon represents the Law Enforcement Officers throughout the...

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Police Officer Motivation Posters

We have a full line of Police Motivation Posters that feature Latin phrases that relate to Law Enforcement.  On each poster we put the Police Life Insignia.  Here is an example of the "VIRTUTE ET ARMIS" poster that translates to "By Valor & Arms". This is a great...

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Welcome to PoliceLife.US. We are glad you found us and we welcome all Police Officers, Police Family, and Police Supporters.  This unique site was created by Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement.  We have been designing and selling unique Police Themed products since...

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