Words cannot begin to describe how we feel about the tragic death of Carroll County (VA) Sheriff’s Office Deputy Curtis Bartlett.  Curtis Bartlett was killed in a crash March 9th while en route to assist other deputies who were pursuing a vehicle. I first came into contact with Curtis back in 2012 when we started out as a police poster website.

Our website was brand new and I wanted to network with other people in the police fitness field so I searched the internet and came across Curtis Bartlett’s Facebook page. I was immediately impressed with his physique and workout routines.  Being into fitness myself I knew it took a special person to get into the kind of shape Curtis was in.  i contacted Curtis and told him about our website and our goal to design and sell police motivational posters and he loved the idea.

That was the moment our friendship and working relationship was formed. Here are a couple of the first images Curtis sent me. Not only was Curtis passionate about fitness, he was also passionate and highly creative with his photos.


Curtis sent me these photos showing some of his workout routine. You will be hard pressed to find someone with his commitment to fitness.



Curtis was excited to be working with us because he was able to be involved in the creative process of the projects we were doing together.  Here is a photo Curtis sent us after we sent him our first poster design with one of his images.

Curtis was an advocate of “Officer Safety tactics” and here a few images of Officer Safety photo shoots Curtis did.



Curtis went to the Middle East to work and while there we stayed in contact and used his creativity to get images for use in designs  Here are a few images he sent from his time in the Middle East.



Curtis had fans all around the world and has motivated countless people to get into fitness. We once had a fan from Singapore order 5 posters and he wanted them signed by Curtis.  Curtis had us ship the posters to him and he then signed them and shipped them to Singapore.  Curtis was always proud that many Police Agencies throughout the country used his posters to help motivate their officers to stay in shape.  We are in awe of Curtis for what he accomplished in his short life and we will never forget our friendship and partnership.  Eventually we want to do something to honor his legacy but at this time we do not know what that will be.





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