Mission:Our mission is to produce awesome products for our brothers and sisters in blue.  We are Law Enforcement owned and operated and we take a lot of pride in designing products that will motivate Law Enforcement Officers and those great civilians who support Law Enforcement. We are located in the beautiful state of Florida where we enjoy the warm weather and beaches when we are not working. We are full service graphics design and imprint business.

Posters :We use state of the art Canon wide-format printers to make amazing posters that you will be proud to display.  Our posters are nothing like the cheap movie posters you may have bought in the past. We use 1.5 mil premium poster paper and our printers lay down a lot of ink which results in a poster that becomes a piece of decor in any room.  Because our printers lay down a ton of ink you must take precautions not to touch the face of your poster with your fingers or you run the risk of leaving a print.  We could use thin paper that is cheap to buy and print with cheap printers but we want to print posters that will impress.

Apparel:Our apparel is printed on high end and very expensive direct to garment printers that create apparel better than screen-printing. We use apparel made in the USA and our shirts are super-soft.  The shirts are slimmer fitting than shirts you may be used to wearing.  Our shirts are made to order and they are not mass produced.  We do it this way so that when you order a shirt you get a clean and fresh shirt that was just made and not some old and dirty shirt that has been sitting on a shelf forever  Because we print on demand your shirt order may not ship for 5 days.

Mugs:Our coffee mugs are big 15oz solid ceramic mugs.  We use big mugs because why drink coffee out of a small-wimpy-mug. Our mugs can be sent through the dishwasher but we advise hand-washing to make them last for years.

Custom Products:We can make custom products for you, your police department, fund-raising effort, etc.  Just contact us and we can get you on the road to having your custom product created.  We have done recruiting posters for many police departments as well as custom mugs and mouse pads for fund-raisers.


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